Rhizomatic structure of T01_[Z.32.45.37]-T04_[UN.1-7]

T01_[Z.32.45.37]—T04_[UN.1-7] (in progress), in the scheme of archive, comprises various videos, photographic reproductions, scrapbooks, and objects to locate, produce, preserve, and analyze a period of history created and depicted by countless images and investigate how the idiosyncrasies of archive material can trigger partial and emotive understandings of history in contemporary screen culture.

Currently, the whole archive is divided into four types. Type I_37 Photographs of Zhou Weiguo From 1932 to 1945 includes 37 photographs with corresponding information sheets and lab reports, displaying in a tautological system to examine the essential way how mechanical reproduction authorizes photographic images to function simultaneously as objects, evidences, historical records and generate meaning systematically. Meanwhile, the infinite reproducibility and mutability of digital materials collapse the originality - there can be no “original copy.”

Type II_Research of 17 Remains of Xiaowangzhuang Battle evolves from news reports on Wuyi Daily about archaeological excavations at the site of Xiaowangzhuang Battle during the Second Sino-Japanese War, including nine newspaper clippings, seventeen pieces of unearthed relics, and a catalogue. The juxtaposition of images and objects formulate a sophisticated context to prove, interpret and disavow each other. 

Type III_Scrapbook of 72 weapons covers kung fu, cold steel, guns, and cannons with information excerpted from Wikipedia. When the Internet is less a novelty and more a banality, and the visual representation of a thing is much more widely dispersed online than the thing itself, the accumulation of image, text and other information is not merely about capturing but generating everything. 

Type IV_Untitled contains 7 black photographs in archival folders. I print image on the same photo paper multiple times as the physical layers of ink generates a quality of reflection and obscure, which characterizes the often chaotic essence of how history, reality, and identity is represented in the ocean of images.